Picturing our Past

Led by captain Tom Hanks (no, not that one!), the University’s Quiz Bowl team ponders a question in the 1961 finals of the game show. WUSTL lost in the finals to Pomona College. Team members were (from left) Marcella Milcic, Hanks, Valerie Rudolph and Holden Baker. The GE College Quiz Bowl was popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s and was broadcast on CBS from 1959-1963 and NBC from 1963-1970. The format of the show was two teams of four players each were asked a tossup question that could be from any walk of life. The team that buzzed in first and answered correctly received a bonus set of questions, not necessarily on the same topic. Games were played either to a time limit or to a set number of tossup questions.

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