Tsunami victims’ relief efforts offered

Disasters have a way of bringing countries together, and that’s readily apparent with the relief effort under way to help those in Asia affected by the offshore earthquake and resulting tsunami.

In a University-wide announcement, Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton wrote:

“The international response has been swift and positive, and a number of countries have stepped forward to offer assistance, including the United States. Many corporations have made major commitments, too.

“Individuals and organizations at the University have also stepped forward with commitments of assistance, including the Indian Graduate Student Association.

“A number of individuals have expressed interest in having a coordinated Washington University effort to provide support for those in need in Asia. I would like to encourage support through the American Red Cross International Response Fund. Financial resources to this fund will go to assist those in need in the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

“Donations are tax deductible, as the American Red Cross is a 5.01(c)3 charitable organization. Contributions can be made electronically at www.redcross.org; by sending your donation to the American Red Cross, International Response Fund, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013; or by sending your donation, made payable to the American Red Cross, to Ann Prenatt, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, Campus Box 1184, to be forwarded to the American Red Cross.

“The Red Cross has the experience and infrastructure to provide the direct assistance people will need.”