Upgraded bike locks available through WUSTL police

In an effort to stay one step ahead of would-be bad guys, the University Police Department has upgraded its collection of bike locks in the “lease/purchase” program.

Previously, the police issued Krytonite bike locks that were tubular and had a circular key. But in September of last year, a widely circulated Internet message pointed out that those particular locks had been compromised and could be picked.

“Immediately after being notified, we contacted Kryptonite and were advised that they were reviewing the situation and would have a response and product upgrade available very soon,” said Mark Glenn, crime prevention officer in the police department.

In late January, the police department received a supply of upgraded locking bars from Kryptonite. These use a flat-key locking mechanism, which is much more resistant to being picked than prior styles.

These upgraded locks are available under the “lease/purchase” program with no increase in the sale price.

The rate remains $20 for the lock, and members of the University community can either receive their full money back when they leave the University, or they may keep the lock.

For owners of KryptoLoc bike locks with the cylinder style lock, the police department is encouraging direct contact with Kryptonite to receive this free upgrade.

Go online to www.kryptonite.com and click on the red “Urgent” button in the upper left-hand corner of the home page. The subsequent page has a product exchange form at the bottom.

For more information, contact Glenn at 935-5084. Inquires can also be sent to Kryptonite at locktalk@irco.com.