Mosaic Whispers to present concerts

Mosaic Whispers, WUSTL’s oldest co-ed a cappella group, will present its annual “Splash of Color” concert at 7:30 p.m. March 18-19 in Graham Chapel.

For Splash of Color, the 10-member group will be joined by the all-male comedy octet The Other Guys and the jazz vocal ensemble No Strings Attached, both from the University of Illinois, as well as by Mama’s Pot Roast, a WUSTL improv comedy troupe.

In addition, today’s concert will feature appearances by two more campus ensembles, The Amateurs and The Greenleafs, while the March 19 show will include The Pikers and After Dark.

Founded in 1991, Mosaic Whispers has performed in a cappella concerts and competitions around the country. The group’s seven studio albums include Vested Interest: The First 10 Years of Mosaic Whispers; the award-winning Against the Grain; and, most recently, Defrosted. The albums are available online at and at the concerts.

Tickets are $7 — $5 for students — and are available at the door. For more information, call Aaron Lewis at (616) 485-9170.