The 76th Annual Fashion Design Show

Media photo page

Wedding gown by Barbara Moran
A wedding gown by senior Barbara Moran. The piece was inspired by Picasso’s cubist painting “Three Women” (1907-08). It features an unconventional seam scheme, with added fullness at strategic areas to enhance the three-dimensional/cubist aspect.
Dress by Michael Faherty (pictured at left)
A full dress with skirt that doubles as a cape, designed by senior Michael Faherty (pictured at left).
A Bohemian-inspired ballgown by Cecelia Bien
A Bohemian-inspired ballgown by senior Cecelia Bien. The piece, which recalls the sand-swept beaches of Tahiti, has been deconstructed and hand-dyed for a whimsical effect.
Dress group by Lindsay Segal
A dress group by senior Lindsay Segal
Ballgown by Annie Eismeier
A ballgown by senior Annie Eismeier
A Bohemian-inspired ballgown by Julie Green
Senior Julie Green pairs shimmering bronze satin with floral print and navy/gold-striped polyester in this Bohemian-inspired ballgown.
An African-inspired ballgown by Nicole Brown
An African-inspired ballgown by senior Nicole Brown, in cotton and trimmed with Peacock feathers.
Ballgown by Ashton Vines
A ballgown by senior Ashton Vines
Ballgown by Jennifer Hunt
A ballgown by senior Jennifer Hunt
Caribbean-inspired sportswear by Thao Nguyen
Caribbean-inspired sportswear by senior Thao Nguyen pairs linen pants with a linen-and-polyester top.
A Mediterranean-inspired ballgown by Caitilin Black
A ballgown by senior Caitilin Black. The piece, inspired by the many shades of blue found in the Mediterranean, is constructed of silk dupioni with silk organza and silk chiffon accents.
A Bohemian-inspired ballgown by Victoria Wreen
A Bohemian-inspired ballgown by senior Victoria Wreen. The skirt is silk velvet; the futuristic-tinged bodice a mixture of silks and satin taffeta.