Update on Student Worker Alliance sit-in at Washington University

Vice Chancellor for Students Jim McLeod and Dr. Alan Glass, director of Student Health and Counseling, met with the sit-in students late yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon in another attempt to discourage them from participating in a hunger strike. Dr. Glass advised the students on the serious health implications of their actions and provided increased warnings to any students who might have a chronic health condition or be taking certain medications. Dr. Glass plans to visit the students each day to assess their condition.

The university views the hunger strike as dangerous action that could make the students a danger to themselves. The university cannot sit idly by as students attempt to do significant harm to their health.

On Wednesday morning, the sit-in students received written notice that they have failed to comply with the university’s request to vacate Brookings Hall and that they have failed to meet with the Judicial Administrator as required by the Judicial Code.

The university has agreed to substantive immediate and future improvements in working conditions for contract workers and has asked the SWA students to participate in this process. While the university is open to ongoing dialogue with the SWA students, it is moving forward with its own plan to address the concerns raised by the students.