Parking permit prices to increase

This summer, all University parking permits will be up for renewal.

Parking permit fees

2004-05 2005-06

Red $780 $820

Yellow $350 $365

Blue $350 $365

Brown $350 $365

Yellow Evening $80 $85

Red Evening $80 $85

Off-site $80 $85

Student Summer $80 $85

Official Business $345 $360

Daily $3.00 $3.50

Monthy $60 $70

After hours $10 $10

In addition to the walk-in renewal and mail-in renewal options offered in the past, parking services is now offering convenient online renewal to help simplify the process. The online renewal is fast and easy.

Thousands have purchased permits using this option since June 2004 when parking services first added the feature.

All permits will expire on June 30, including the three-year permits issued in 2002. Sometime in late May, current faculty and staff parking-permit holders will receive a renewal letter in campus mail providing complete instructions for permit renewal.

Permit holders who go through the renewal process should expect to receive their new permits around the middle of June.

Fees will increase effective July 1. The daily pass fee is also scheduled to increase on July 1, to $3.50 per day. The daily pass had not increased since 2001.

In addition, parking services will introduce a revised fine structure on July 1. There have been no increases to the current fine structure in the past 10 years, and now the structure is being adjusted to more effectively act as a deterrent for some violations.

The new structure includes increases to certain fines, which will be announced online. It is intended to enhance a program designed to protect the parking privileges of the permit-holder.

The Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee has reviewed and approved all increases.

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