Immunology association names Allen as president

Paul M. Allen, Ph.D., the Robert L. Kroc Professor of Pathology and Immunology, was named president of the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) July 1.

Paul Allen
Paul Allen

Allen is a cellular immunologist who specializes in the study of how T lymphocytes recognize antigen and initiate an immune response. He seeks insights into the basic workings of the immune system that may someday allow researchers to better control immune rejection of transplanted organs or to prevent the development of arthritis caused by immune system malfunctions.

“The association is the one professional organization that immunologists use as their voice to speak to Congress and the National Institutes of Health,” Allen said. “It works to advocate for NIH funding for immunology research, to maintain our ability to use important research tools such as animal experimentation and to foster the development of the careers of young scientists, especially women, in our field.”

The 6,500-member organization also supports continuing education courses for its members and conveys the value and progress of immunological research to the public.

Allen served as the organization’s vice president this past year and has been an elected AAI councilor for four years.

He will serve a one-year term as president and will preside over the organization’s annual meeting in Boston in May.