Olin School tabs Bouffides as M.B.A. assistant dean

Evan Bouffides recognizes a good opportunity when he sees it.

Last year, during a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with 10 admissions professionals from around the country, Bouffides learned about the Olin School of Business’ search for an assistant dean and director of M.B.A. admissions and financial aid from Stephanie Bartelt, assistant director of M.B.A. admissions at the Olin School.

Evan Bouffides
Evan Bouffides

Bouffides, 40, had spent the past eight years at the University of Southern California’s business school, where he was the admission director for the school’s executive and part-time M.B.A. programs.

“I liked USC an awful lot, but I don’t have a family, so there’s not much tying me down and keeping me from moving around the country,” Bouffides said.”It was almost a no-brainer. I had wanted to get back to working in full-time M.B.A. programs, so I perceived this to be an excellent career opportunity.”

Bouffides said he was ready to experience a new business school environment, and the Olin School fits the bill. In just the first few weeks, his input was solicited on several issues. He was surprised by how eager the school seems to get everyone involved.

Bouffides is ready to dig into his job. He said he’s especially looking forward to winning.

“I get competitive about this stuff. I want to beat our direct competitors, and I know there are ways I can help,” Bouffides said.

Bouffides life isn’t all work, but his devotion to his favorite athletic teams may get him into trouble in St. Louis. He’s an avid USC Trojans fan, and he follows the Boston-based Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox very closely.

Bouffides said he’s taken up trekking, which he had the chance to do on a trip to Africa. With a master’s degree in filmmaking and screen writing among his seven degrees, he also spends a good deal of his free time writing.

“I do aspire to make a living as a writer,” Bouffides said. “But until that happens, I’ll keep my day job.”