Skinker-Parkway intersection to be closed 10 days

It’s challenging enough to pave a road and remove temporary bridges without worrying about cars, trucks and buses barreling through intersections.

“So, from — 7 p.m. today to 5 a.m. March 20, the intersection of Skinker & Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway will ‘be closed’ to all vehicle traffic. As part of the MetroLink expansion project, ‘80s and ’90s construction crews will be removing’s the temporary bridges south of the intersection, back filling the hole and completing the pavement.”

Skinker will be closed north of Lindell Boulevard and Brookings Drive and south of Pershing Avenue.

Pedestrian traffic at the intersection will not be affected, and the crosswalks will remain the same as they currently are.

Barricades and signage will be installed to control traffic. Two-way traffic on Throop Drive will be maintained at all times and will not be impacted by this operation.

Possible detours for WUSTL traffic on Skinker include:

• Southbound Skinker traffic can proceed east on Delmar Boulevard, turn south on De Baliviere Avenue, and then west on Lindell Boulevard.

• Northbound Skinker traffic will need to access the Hilltop Campus via either Forsyth Boulevard or Brookings Drive.

The timing of the plan attempts to minimize the impact of the closure, as it largely coincides with the University’s spring break.

Weather conditions could delay the re-opening of the intersection.

Additionally, Hanley Road will be closed at the Forest Park Parkway overpass in Clayton from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. March 11-12.