U-Pass program enhancements announced

On the first day of June, the U-Pass program at the University turned one year old.

Seems like people are much appreciative of that first year of existence.

The distribution has averaged about 15,000 to the University community each semester, and bus rides numbered close to 600,000 trips. MetroLink usage was nearly off the charts with more than 1.3 million trips taken.

But as with anything new, there is always room for improvement.

After receiving much feedback, the Office of Parking and Transportation Services has made some minor changes to both the distribution and usage of the U-Pass.

After negotiating with Metro, it was deemed possible to allow for an annual pass instead of having to renew passes each semester.

This will make the process much more convenient for employees, but could also create the problem of the magnetic strip on the U-Pass wearing out for bus users since the pass will be valid for the entire year. If this should happen, employees should return the pass to Parking & Transportation Services for an exchange at no cost.

Also, because of program costs, it is no longer possible to receive a U-Pass via the U.S. mail. Instead, campus mail is an option, or there is a distribution center located on both the Danforth and Medical campuses.

And the survey included with the renewal request form is offered to help better meet the needs of the University community. It’s because of feedback from these forms that annual passes are now offered. Also, Metro sees and responds accordingly to much of the feedback provided.

For more information on the U-Pass, go online to parking.wustl.edu/upass.htm.