Habif Health and Wellness Center gains accreditation

The Habif Health and Wellness Center on the Danforth Campus has received a full three-year accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

“We have always provided quality care to the Washington University student community,” said Alan I. Glass, M.D., director of the Habif center. “Accreditation demonstrates to us and our community that this care is consistent with nationally recognized standards. There are roughly 1,500 college and university health services in the United States. Only 180 of those are accredited.”

The two-and-a-half-year accreditation process involved formalization of organizational policies, thorough credentialing of staff, the implementation of formal quality improvement processes, self-assessment and thorough review by the accreditation association’s expert surveyors.

“Students can be confident that the care they receive at the Habif Health and Wellness Center meets the highest nationally recognized standards,” Glass said.

“Accreditation is a voluntary process, evidence that Student Health Services is continually looking for ways to enhance our services to the University student community.”

The Habif Health and Wellness Center is located in the Nathan Dardick House (terrace level) in the South 40.

It serves all full-time undergraduate and graduate students, as well as any spouses or domestic partners of those students who choose to enroll in the University student health plan.

For general office information or center hours, call 935-6666 or visit shs.wustl.edu.