Student Records’ Hosack receives Gloria White award

Sue Hosack has served the University in the offices of Student Records, Financial Aid and Information Systems for 20 years, and she knows WUSTL well.

Sue Hosack, director of the Office of Student Records, receives the Gloria W. White Distin- guished Service Award at Staff Day. The award recognizes a staff member who has significantly contributed to the betterment of the University.
Sue Hosack, director of the Office of Student Records, receives the Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award at Staff Day. The award recognizes a staff member who has significantly contributed to the betterment of the University.

After her more than two decades at the University, Hosack’s co-workers know her well, too, and have seen how her dedication has made the University a better place for students, faculty and staff.

Hosack, now the director of the Office of Student Records, was recognized with the Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award in a May 19 ceremony in Edison Theatre as part of the annual Staff Day activities.

As director of student records, Hosack fosters an environment that encourages friendly customer service and a staff that responds quickly and professionally to requests.

While working in the Office of Student Records, Hosack also has been very involved in improving the technology used for the University’s online systems, which has helped WUSTL administrators better serve the University community.

“Whenever there is an issue, problem or question, she is there,” one nominator wrote of Hosack. “She is always just a phone call or e-mail away with calm and sage advice. No problem or question is ever too small or inconsequential to merit her attention.”

The Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award was established 11 years ago to provide recognition to a nonacademic staff member for exceptional effort and contributions that have resulted in the betterment of the University. The award is presented annually and comes with a $1,000 prize.

Many other employees won prizes at Staff Day through drawings. Phyllis Dunn, Pam Fournie, Donna Hall, Pat Hallquist, Linda Shriver, Joni Williams and Barbara Winters each won two tickets to an upcoming St. Louis Cardinals game.

Beverly Hughes won a $100 Visa gift card, and Irma Adams won a $50 gift card to the campus bookstore. Sandra Blaylock, Brad King and Chip Stone each won a $25 Dierbergs gift card.

Meagan Tyrrell won a dinner for two at the Whittemore House. Brian Lewis, Anil Pillai and Bob Wethington each won a lunch for eight at the Knight Center. Carrie Slama, Joanne Spitz and Gloria Stukenbroeker won a $30 gift certificate for Bristol Seafood Grill, and Kinda Abdin won a $25 gift certificate and a case of root beer from Fitz’s American Grill & Bottling Works.

Kathy Brock, Heidi Fallgren-Whittam and Imola Szilagyi each won two tickets to The Black Rep. Gerry Manasco won two season tickets to the 2008-09 OVATIONS! Series.

Jim Burmeister (right), executive director of University Relations and director of Commencement, leads staff members on a tour of the Danforth Campus.

Erin Davis won one night and breakfast for two at the Sheraton Clayon Plaza Hotel St. Louis. Jo Wuller won two $200 American Airlines flight vouchers, and Jan McDermott and Jeff Newcomer each won a task chair from Corporate Express Business Interiors.

Sports competition trophies also were awarded. Winners of the softball tournament were the “Spin Docs” of the Office of Public Affairs. Bill Orrick and Ed Welker — “The Tossin’ Twosome” — won the washers competition.

Solo Spikers One took the volleyball tournament trophy. Winners of the golf tournament were Ann Bradley and Joe Sklansky (co-ed), Jim Clancy and Michael Genthon (men’s) and Sarah Melson and Dannette Hutton (women’s).

But Staff Day was about more than just winning prizes and playing games. Many WUSTL employees thought to give back during their day of relaxation and fun, and 170 pounds of food were donated by WUSTL staff members to the St. Louis Area Food Bank. Those 170 pounds of food will provide 136 meals for the St. Louis-area needy.

Employees honored for years of service

Mary Price, assistant accountant II, plays washers on Mudd Field.

At Staff Day, the following people were recognized for 10 years of service to the University: Constance L. Anderson, Bruce D. Backus, Stephanie P. Bemberg, Paula Blood, Samantha J. Books, Constance S. Bradford, Kerry Bundy, Pamela F. Campbell, Robert G. Chapman, Lora E. Clark, Joseph M. Clarke, Jeffrey M. Cooper, Briana L. Davis, Robert E. Deggendorf, Andrea L. Donze, David Flower, Michael H. Freund, Steven J. Givens, Rosemary Gliedt, Stuart Goldkind, Samuel F. Gordon, Mary K. Groetsch;

James P. Harrison, Sarah A. Hedley, Jeri R. Hokamp, Christopher J. Huels, Dannette Hutton, Brian K. Ingram, Peter C. Jamerson, Elizabeth E. Johnson, Cynthia S. Kahn, Georgiann S. Kegel, Randal L. Kemper, Jennifer C. Kraus-Smith, Kathy M. Kunz, Christy J. Lange, Delise Le Pool, David Lefton, Karen A. Leingang, Kathleen A. Loepker, Wei Luo, Carole M. Luther, Colleen M. Lyerla, Michael J. Lynch, Nancy Marshall, William V. Masters, Richard McCloud, Janice L. McDermott, Teresa L. Medley, Monica L. Mercer, Christine E. Monteith, Sandra Morreale, April L. Murray;

Joyce L. Neff, Mary A. Noel, Andrew O’Dell, Paul M. O’Donnell, Leland George Orvis, Melanie O. Osborn, M. Liam Otten, James A. Overholt, Mary Price, Bill Reitz, Timothy J. Rogan, Concepcion B. Sarusal, Bradley K. Shively, Angela Smith, Timothy Smolar, Linda M. Specker, Stacey D. Spruiel, Amy C. Suelzer, Wai-Man Suen, Kerri L. Friedman, Tracey M. Whitfield, Cretta L. Wilson, Michael Woodruff, Shaoliang Xiao, Mary A. Yaeger, Cynthia E. Zelenovich and Ann M. Zeman.

The following people were honored for 15 years of service: Alice D. Abrams, Raymond L. Barber, Darryl L. Barker, Thomas J. Blackwell, Hyla Bondareff, Michael R. Cannon, Elizabeth A. Colletta, Dena G. Conner, Mary L. Danner, Elaine M. Every, Carl F. Freeman, Pamella A. Henson, William Hunn, Maria Hunter, Gail S. Kremser, Pamella R. Lyerla, George C. Moehlenhoff, Teresa A. Nappier, Barbara A. Niebruegge, Sharon K. Panian, Linda L. Poeppelmeier, Nancy P. Pope, Lisa C. Romay, Mark V. Scharff, William B. Sheffield, Mary P. Skubic and Mary F. Thuet.

The following people were recognized for 20 years of service: Kathryn A. Anderson, Stephen M. Bone, Donna K. Boyd, June A. Buckner, Bradley D. Cagle, Charles B. Cummings, Phillip R. Gann, Bobby J. Golliday, Dennis A. Gravagna, Patrick T. Harkins, Marilyn A. Hassell, Rose M. Haynes, Timothy P. Herman, Susan E. Hosack, Phyllis R. Jackson, Brenda L. Kopsie, Gary S. Lee, Lenda A. Massie, Teresa F. Melton, Cynthia A. Newell, Lindia D. Northington, Ronald L. Payne, Ann B. Rehme, Joseph A. Reid, Glennon J. Reitz, Janet L. Rensing, Garry E. Simburger, Steven G. Westlund, Rose A. Windmiller, Dale E. Wineinger and Dana D. Yam.

Staff members enjoy lunch in Bowles Plaza.

The following people were honored for 26 years of service: Teresa Y. Adams, William S. Beggs, Caroline S. Boswell, Linda M. Carrington, Justin X. Carroll, Donald E. Clayton, Carolyn C. Crowell, Zachary D. Dunbar, Mark A. Edwards, Gary M. Hochberg, Cheryl D. Holland, Jeffrey C. Huestis, B.J. Johnston, Rita K. Kuehler, Stephen F. Kuppinger, Richard R. Larsen, Harold L. Mack, Geraldine L. Manasco, Mary C. Molloy, Betty C. Nichols, Robert B. Nicholson, Nancy Picker, Steven J. Rakel, Gladys J. Seitter, Terry A. Wirtel and Kyung Cha Yoon.

The following people were recognized for 30 years of service: Sandra S. Blaylock, Myrna E. Harbison, David H. Kilper, John M. Schael, Willie Scott and David L. Straight.

The following people were honored for 35 years of service: Lynn C. Imergoot, Jane Nothaker, Richard A. Schmaeng and George M. Veith.

Donna L. Battershell was recognized for 40 years of service.