Updated Danforth Campus employee handbook posted online

An up-to-date version of Washington University’s Danforth Campus Employee Handbook is available online at the WUSTL Human Resources Web site.

This online version replaces the hard-copy version of the handbook from November 2002. To help make the most up-to-date information accessible to all Danforth Campus employees, the most current version of the handbook will be available online only.

WUSTL employees can view the updated handbook by visiting hr.wustl.edu (click on “Workplace Support/Policies & Procedures,” then “Employee Handbook”).

The most recent edition of the Employee Handbook includes changes in the University’s time-off policies for Danforth Campus employees, effective July 1, 2008.

• Current vacation plan. Staff members hired on or before June 30, 2008, have been grandfathered into the current Danforth Campus vacation policy. These individuals will continue to receive up to 22 days of vacation each year and will be able to carry a balance greater than 22 days throughout the year. They will not be able to begin the fiscal year with a vacation balance greater than 22 days.

• New vacation plan. Staff members hired on or after July 1, 2008, receive up to 22 days of vacation but may only carry a vacation balance of up to 22 days at any one time.

• Sick time. The sick time plan will remain the same for existing and new staff members. However, sick time will be available for the employee’s own illness only and is no longer available for the first day of an emergency illness of a family member as it has in the past.

• Vacation and sick time accrual. The method of accruing both vacation and sick time has been changed. Staff members now accrue vacation and sick time based on time paid rather than based on standard hours. As a result, staff members on a paid leave of absence will now be able to accrue time off during the time they are being paid.

• Funeral leave. Stepsiblings have been added to the funeral leave policy, and the day of the funeral can be taken as leave. Staff members receive the day of the funeral for the death of a grandparent instead of up to three days.

Refer to the online employee handbook for further details on these policy changes and several others. For more information, contact the Office of Human Resources at 935-5990.