New eateries named by WUSTL community

Along with the great food at the new Danforth University Center, people may notice the catchy restaurant names as well.

The Office of Student Activities sponsored a naming contest for five of the dining venues to be located on the main level. The names selected are 1853 Diner, Trattoria Verde (verde means green in Italian and the building is designed to be LEED certified), DeliciOSO (oso means bear in Spanish), Wash. U. Wok and George’s Express.

More than 450 name submissions were received from 115 different members of the WUSTL community. Online voting helped narrow the decision for a committee of three students and three staff members to decide the final names.

Some people were involved in multiple name submissions. Winning submissions came from:

• Corey Arnold, temporary director in the Office of Student Activities;

• Emily Becker, a junior majoring in international and area studies in Arts & Sciences;

• Elizabeth Dribben, a parent;

• Amy Fletcher, a junior majoring in chemical engineering;

• Edward Lu, a junior majoring in biology and Chinese, both in Arts & Sciences;

• Neil Patel, a 2008 alumnus;

• Joanna Perdomo, a sophomore with an undeclared major;

• Derek Starkey, a 2008 alumnus;

• Abby Stephens, a senior majoring in biomedical engineering;

• Jill Stratton, associate dean of students and director of residential academic programs; and

• Colin Towery, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering.