Student volunteers help make debates a success

The success of past WUSTL debates has depended largely on the tireless work of numerous student volunteers. Hundreds of students have volunteered over the years to lead campus tours, assist with ticketing procedues, help national news media and work in the media filing center, among other jobs. Volunteering provides students excellent work experience and a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to run a debate.

Help of student volunteers critical in debate success in 2004 About 670 students applied to volunteer for the 2004 presidential debate. An estimated 325 students had the opportunity to volunteer. Days before the big event, WUSTL students Allyn Dault and Katie Koch were giving tours of the Athletic Complex. Dault said he volunteered because “you only get one chance in your college career to do something like this.” University students volunteer 6,500 hours on 2000 debate More than 200 Washington University students volunteered 6,500 hours of their time to help make the campus ready for the 200 presidential debate and ensure that the event went smoothly. Some painted signs, laid cable and helped in other ways to transform the Athletic Complex into a television studio. Others spent most of the past weekend in the Commission on Presidential Debates office. Still others were in the Athletic Complex, checking tickets, passing out programs, distributing cushions for the bleachers and running errands.

For media assistance on student debate volunteers, contact Neil Schoenherr in the Office of Public Affairs at (314) 935-5235 or