Will Pres. Obama stay connected with his YouTube generation supporters?

Organization and strategy expert says, yes he can!

Olin Business School professor Jackson Nickerson says, “ChangeCasting” is the best way for presidents and CEOs to build trust, create understanding and enact change with all of their constituents and employees.

Nickerson’s ChangeCasting is a web-based approach to communication that allows executives to lead and accelerate change within their organizations. It opens up a two-way street between the corner office and employees at every level of a company.

“Communicating the need for change requires leaders who can build trust and create understanding within their organization,” says Nickerson, a professor of organization and strategy at Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School. “Shocks to the economy like the current credit crisis require leaders to adapt and change even faster if they want to survive.”

From Main Street to the White House, Nickerson believes ChangeCasting can also work for tech-savvy President-elect Obama whose campaign demonstrated the efficiency and power of the internet as a communications tool.

Nickerson has critiqued President-elect Obama’s weekly video addresses to the nation using the ChangeCasting techniques outlined in his forthcoming book. Nickerson notes that Obama’s video would be more effective if he shortened and focused his message, and elicited feedback from his audience according to the principles of ChangeCasting.

Several major corporations including Microsoft and SigmaAldrich, have successfully integrated ChangeCasting into their management process. Nickerson can discuss these case studies and the importance of leadership open to change — in both the public and private sectors — especially when faced with the challenges present in today’s global economy.

Editor’s Note: Professor Nickerson is available for live or taped interviews using Washington University’s free VYVX or ISDN lines. Please contact Melody Walker at (314) 935-6325, melody_walker@wustl.edu, for assistance.