More than 350 Washington University physicians named to “Best Doctors” List

More than 350 physicians at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have been named to The Best Doctors In America for 2009.

The number is twice that of any other physicians’ group in St. Louis and more than any other physicians’ group in the Midwest.

Best Doctors in America uses peer-to-peer surveys to identify specialists considered by fellow physicians to be the most skilled in their fields and most qualified for reviewing and treating complex medical conditions.

Washington University School of Medicine’s 2,100 employed and volunteer faculty physicians also are the medical staff of Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children’s hospitals.

The following physicians from Washington University School of Medicine are listed in The Best Doctors in America for 2009:

Douglas R. Adkins, oncology; Rebecca L. Aft, oncologic surgery; Muhammad T. Al-Lozi, neurology; Craig Allred, pathology; D. Claire Anderson, radiology; Gerald L. Andriole Jr., urology; John P. Atkinson, rheumatology; Paul F. Austin, urology; James G. Avery, internal medicine (general); Michael S. Avidan, anesthesiology; Sylvia Awadalla, neurology; Riad Raymond Azar, gastroenterology; Richard G. Bach, cardiovascular disease; Leonard B. Bacharier, allergy and immunology; Maria Q. Baggstrom, medical oncology and hematology; Thomas C. Bailey, infectious diseases; David T. Balzer, pediatric specialist; Thomas J. Baranski, internal medicine; Robert L. Barrack, orthopedic surgery; Nancy L. Bartlett, medical oncology; Michael D. Bavlsik, internal medicine (general); Susan B. Bayliss, dermatology; Anne Marie Beck, pediatric nephrology; Michael A. Berk, endocrinology and metabolism; Sanjeev Bhalla, radiology; Laura J. Bierut, psychiatry; Ellen F. Binder, geriatric medicine; Elisa E. Birnbaum, colon rectal surgery; Kevin J. Black, psychiatry; Kevin J. Blinder, ophthalmology; Morey Blinder, hematology; Gordon R. Bloomberg, pulmonology; Martin I. Boyer, orthopedic surgery; Jeffrey D. Bradley, radiation oncology; Keith Brandt, plastic and reconstructive surgery; Gregory H. Branham, facial plastic surgery; Richard D. Brasington, rheumatology; Alan C. Braverman, cardiology; Daniel C. Brennan, nephrology; Keith H. Bridwell, orthopedic surgery; Daniel B. Brown, radiology; Robert Brophy, orthopedics; Angela L. Brown, cardiology; George J. Broze Jr., medical oncology; Elizabeth M. Brunt, pathology; L. Michael Brunt, surgical oncology; Arnold Bullock, urology; Carolyn Cannon, pediatric allergy and asthma; Charles E. Canter, pediatrics; Kim Alan Carmichael, endocrinology; David A. Carpenter, neurology; David B. Carr, geriatric medicine; Mario Castro, pulmonology; William C. Chapman, surgery; Jane Chen, cardiovascular disease; Michael Chicoine, neurological surgery; Richard A. Chole, otolaryngology; David B. Clifford, neurology; John Clohisy, orthopedics; William Clutter, endocrinology and metabolism; F. Sessions Cole, pediatrics; Anne M. Connolly, neurology; John N. Constantino, psychiatry; Charles Conway, psychiatry; Craig Coopersmith, acute and critical care surgery; Douglas Coplen, pediatric urology; Lynn A. Cornelius, dermatology; Daniel Coyne, nephrology; James P. Crane, obstetrics and gynecology; Jeffrey S. Crippin, gastroenterology; Anne H. Cross, neurology; DeWitte T. Cross III, neuroradiology; Philip E. Cryer, endocrinology and metabolism; Susan Culican, ophthalmology; Philip E. Custer, ophthalmology; Ralph Dacey Jr., neurological surgery; Ralph J. Damiano Jr., thoracic surgery; John S. Daniels, internal medicine (general); Michael D. Darcy, radiology; Jeffrey G. Dawson, pediatric specialist; Michael R. DeBaun, pediatrics; Thomas M. De Fer, internal medicine; Farrokh Dehdashti, nuclear medicine; Louis P. Dehner, pathology; James Delmez, nephrology; Colin P. Derdeyn, radiology; Kathryn Diemer, internal medicine; Patrick Dillon, pediatric surgery; John F. DiPersio, oncology; Michael Diringer, neurology; Matthew B. Dobbs, pediatric specialist; W. Edwin Dodson, neurology; Stephen P. Duntley, neurology; Dayna S. Early, gastroenterology; Timothy Eberlein, surgical oncology; Steven Edmundowicz, gastroenterology; Arthur Eisen, dermatology; Matthew J. Ellis, medical oncology and hematology; Alex S. Evers, anesthesiology; Gregory A. Ewald, cardiovascular disease; Mitchell N. Faddis, cardiology; Albert Faro, pediatrics; Thomas W. Ferkol, pediatric specialist; Lewis C. Fischbein, internal medicine (general); Keith Fischer, nuclear medicine; Simon Fisher, endocrinology and metabolism; James W. Fleshman Jr., colon rectal surgery; Victoria J. Fraser, infectious disease; Leesa M. Galatz, orthopedics; Sanjiv Gandhi, cardiothoracic surgery; Keith S. Garcia, psychiatry; Richard Gelberman, orthopedic surgery (hand); Barbara Geller, psychiatry; Edward Geltman, cardiology; Louis A. Gilula, radiology; Harvey Glazer, diagnostic radiology; Marye Jo Gleva, cardiovascular disease; Anne Glowinski, psychiatry; Joel Goebel, otolaryngology; Anne C. Goldberg, endocrinology; Charles A. Goldfarb, hand surgery; Matthew I. Goldsmith, pediatric specialist; Boone W. Goodgame, medical oncology; J. Eric Gordon, orthopedic surgery; Ramaswamy Govindan, hematology; M. Gilbert Grand, ophthalmology; Diana Gray, obstetrics and gyneocology; Mark H. Gregory, internal medicine (general); Perry W. Grigsby, radiation oncology; Scott D. Groesch, internal medicine (general); Robert J. Gropler, nuclear medicine; Robert Grubb Jr., neurological surgery; Fernando Gutierrez, radiology; Mark E. Halstead, pediatric specialist; Melissa Ann Swallow Harbit, psychiatry; J. William Harbour, ophthalmology; Bruce Haughey, otolaryngology; Daniel Haupt, psychiatry; William Hawkins, HPB-GI surgery; Jay P. Heiken, radiology; Robert Heuckeroth, pediatric specialist; Laureen Hill, anesthesiology; Keiki Hirose, pediatric otolaryngology; Stanley P. Hmiel, pediatric specialist; Dee Hodge III, pediatric emergency services; Robert Hogan, neurology; Nancy M. Holekamp, ophthalmology; Keith Hruska, pediatric nephrology; Andrew Huang, ophthalmology; Charles B. Huddleston, thoracic surgery; Richard Hudgens, psychiatry; Phyllis C. Huettner, pathology; Timothy E. Hullar, otolaryngology; Peter H. Humphrey, pathology; Devyani Hunt, orthopedic physiatry; Terrie E. Inder, pediatric neurology; David M. Jaffe, pediatric emergency services; Michael R. Jarvis, psychiatry; Jeffrey E. Johnson, orthopedic surgery; Mark C. Johnson, pediatric specialist; Sreenivasa S. Jonnalagadda, gastroenterology; Daniel P. Joseph, ophthalmology; Leslie E. Kahl, rheumatology; Alex A. Kane, plastic surgery; Michael A. Kass, ophthalmology; Andrew M. Kates, cardiovascular disease; James P. Keating, pediatrics; Jay Keener, orthopedics; James Kemp, pediatric pulmonary/allergy; Robert M. Kennedy, pediatric specialist; Mary M. Kiehl, internal medicine (general); Sandra Klein, orthopedics; Carl G. Klutke, urology; Ira Kodner, colon & rectal surgery; Marin Kollef, pulmonary disease; Kevin Korenblat, gastroenterology; Timothy R. Kuklo, orthopedic surgery; Robin A. Kundra, internal medicine (general); Adam Labore, orthopedics; Joann L. Lacey, radiology; John M. Lasala, cardiology; Jennifer Lawton, cardiac surgery; Jin-Moo Lee, neurology; Stephen Lefrak, pulmonary disease; Barbara L. Leighton, anesthesiology; Lawrence Lenke, orthopedic surgery; Eric Lenze, psychiatry; Jeffrey Leonard, pediatric neurosurgery; Timothy J. Ley, medical oncology and hematology; David C. Linehan, surgery; Gerald Linette, medical oncology; Mauricio Lisker-Melman, gastroenterology; Anthony J. Lubniewski, ophthalmology; Joan Luby, child & adolescent psychiatry; Philip A. Ludbrook, cardiology; Kenneth M. Ludmerer, internal medicine; Gregg T. Lueder, ophthalmology; Jan Luhmann, pediatric emergency medicine; Scott Luhmann, pediatric orthopedics; Cynthia Ma, medical oncology and hematology; Susan E. Mackinnon, plastic reconstructive surgery; George A. Macones, obstetrics and gynecology; Keith Mankowitz, cardiovascular disease; Caroline Mann, dermatology; Douglas Mann, cardiology; Paul R. Manske, orthopedic surgery; David B. Mansur, radiation oncology; Matthew J. Matava, orthopedic surgery; Brent Matthews, surgery; Douglas McDonald, orthopedics; Janet B. McGill, endocrinology and metabolism; Jeffrey Scott McKinney, pediatrics newborn medicine; Robert C. McKinstry III, Gerald Medoff, infectious disease; Christine O. Menias, radiology; Diane Merritt, obstetrics and gynecology; John P. Metzler, orthopedics/physical medicine and rehabilitation; Bryan F. Meyers, cardiothoracic surgery; Jeff M. Michalski, radiation oncology; William D. Middleton, radiology; Mark A. Mintun, nuclear medicine; Nadir Moazami, cardiac surgery; Jeffrey F. Moley, surgical oncology; David W. Molter, otolaryngology; Barbara S. Monsees, radiology; Marc R. Moon, cardiothoracic surgery; Christopher J. Moran, radiology; John C. Morris, neurology; Aubrey R. Morrison, nephrology; Nabil A. Munfakh, thoracic surgery; David G. Mutch, obstetrics and gynecology; Matthew Mutch, colorectal surgery; Terence Myckatyn, plastic and reconstructive surgery; Robert J. Myerson, radiation oncology; Vamsidhar R. Narra, radiology; Michael J. Naughton, medical oncology; J. Gail Neely, otolaryngology; Jeffrey J. Neil, child neurology; D. Michael Nelson, obstetrics and gynecology; John Newcomer, psychiatry; Michael J. Noetzel, child neurology; Scott Nordlicht, cardiovascular disease; Brian Nussenbaum, otolaryngology; Randall R. Odem, obstetrics and gynecology; T.S. Park, neurological surgery; Michael K. Pasque, thoracic surgery; Anand C. Patel, pediatric immunology; G. Alexander Patterson, thoracic surgery; Michael J. Paul, obstetrics and gynecology; Julio E. Pérez, cardiology; Joel S. Perlmutter, neurology; Arie Perry, pathology; Alan Pestronk, neurology; John D. Pfiefer, pathology; Jay F. Piccirillo, otolarnygology; Daniel Picus, radiology; Joel Picus, medical oncology; Kathryn L. Plax, general pediatrics; Timothy J. Pluard, medical oncology; Matthew A. Powell, obstetrics and gynecology; Chandra Prakash-Gyawali, gastroenterology; Heidi Prather, physical medicine; Brad A. Racette, neurology; Janet S. Rader, obstetrics and gynecology; Valerie Ratts, obstetrics and gynecology; Daniel Reising, psychiatry; Craig K. Reiss, cardiology; William Ricci, orthopedics; Keith Rich, neurological surgery; Thomas Richardson, psychiatry; K. Daniel Riew, orthopedic surgery; Jon H. Ritter, pathology; Joan L. Rosenbaum, pediatrics; Daniel B. Rosenbluth, pulmonary medicine; Robert J. Rothbaum, pediatrics; Marcos Rothstein, nephrology; Henry D. Royal, nuclear medicine; David A. Rubin, radiology; Eugene Rubin, psychiatry; David A. Rudnick, pediatric specialist; Ibrahim Saeed, cardiology; Stuart S. Sagel, radiology; Luis A. Sanchez, vascular surgeon; Paul Santiago, neurologic surgery; Bradley L. Schlaggar, pediatric neurology; Perry L. Schoenecker, orthopedic surgery; Alan L. Schwartz, pediatrics; Benjamin D. Schwartz, rheumatology; Lynne Seacord, cardiology; Clay F. Semenkovich, endocrinology; Gaurav K. Shah, ophthalmology; Angela M. Sharkey, pediatrics; Aseem Sharma, diagnostic radiology; David Sheinbein, dermatology; Yvette I. Sheline, psychiatry; James B. Shepherd III, ophthalmology; Gregorio A. Sicard, surgery; Barry A. Siegel, nuclear medicine; Marilyn J. Siegel, radiology; Carla J. Siegfried, ophthalmology; Joseph R. Simpson, radiation oncology; Jasvindar Singh, cardiovascular disease; Donald A. Skor, internal medicine (general); Timothy W. Smith, cardiovascular disease; Matthew D. Smyth, pediatric neurologic surgery; Andrea L. Stephens, obstetrics and gynecology; Gregory A. Storch, pediatric infectious disease; Steven M. Strasberg, HPB-GI surgery; Robert C. Strunk, pediatric allergy; Dragan Svrakic, psychiatry; Stuart C. Sweet, pediatric specialist; Benjamin R. Tan Jr., medical oncology and hematology; Phillip I. Tarr, pediatric specialist; Marie E. Taylor, radiation oncology; Sharlene A. Teefey, radiology; Stanley E. Thawley, otolaryngology; Kwee L. Thio, child neurology; Matthew A. Thomas, ophthalmology; Gary S. Tobin, endocrinology; William G. Totty, radiology; Elbert P. Trulock III, pulmonary medicine; Gladys Tse, obstetrics and gynecology; Thomas H.H. Tung, plastic and reconstructive surgery; R. Lawrence Tychsen, ophthalmology; George F. Van Hare III, pediatric cardiology; Suresh Vedantham, radiology; Ravi Vij, medical oncology; Katie Vo, neuroradiology; Michael Wall, anesthesiology; Brad Warner, pediatric surgery; H. James Wedner, allergy and immunology; Katherine N. Weilbaecher, medical oncology; Alan N. Weiss, cardiology; Peter Westervelt, medical oncology and hematology; Andrew White, pediatric immunology; Neil H. White, pediatric endocrinology; Michael P. Whyte, endocrinology and metabolism; David Wilson, pediatric specialist; David W. Windus, nephrology; Franze W. Wippold III, radiology; Keith F. Woeltje, infectious disease; Mitchel L. Wolf, ophthalmology; Michael Wong, neurology; Pamela K. Woodard, radiology; Megan Wren, internal medicine; Neill M. Wright, neurosurgery; Rick W. Wright, orthopedic surgery; Ken Yamaguchi, orthopedic surgery; Wayne Yokoyama, rheumatology; Allyson R. Zazulia, neurology; Charles F. Zorumski, psychiatry; and Gary R. Zuckerman, gastroenterology.

Washington University School of Medicine’s 2,100 employed and volunteer faculty physicians also are the medical staff of Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children’s hospitals. The School of Medicine is one of the leading medical research, teaching and patient care institutions in the nation, currently ranked third in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Through its affiliations with Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children’s hospitals, the School of Medicine is linked to BJC HealthCare.