Electronic human research study submission system launched Oct. 11

The Washington University Human Research Protection Office has launched an Internet-based submission system that will allow researchers to submit human research studies to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) electronically.

The system, called myIRB, will assist with the submission, review and management of these studies, says Martha Jones, executive director of the Human Research Protection Office. It launched Oct. 11.

Jones says the office has been developing the tool for about a year.

“We expect great benefits from myIRB include a user-friendly application process for researchers, more efficient communication between the IRB and researchers and quicker turnaround times for reviews,” Jones says.

Institutional Review Boards are required to review any research involving humans or an individual’s private information and are charged with protecting the rights and welfare of research participants. Washington University’s IRB, housed in the Human Research Protection Office, manages more than 7,500 research submissions yearly.

The myIRB system uses a “smart form” technology that guides the user to questions based on previous answers. Depending on answers, additional materials may be required before the system allows the user to complete the application. Information tabs throughout the system assist the user in answering questions and provide the ethical and regulatory basis for the questions asked. The system creates a complete application that provides all necessary information for a thorough review of the study.

In addition, all information is housed electronically on a secure server. By entering a username and password, a researcher can see what projects need to be worked on, where a submission is in the review process and which studies have been approved.

As of Oct. 11, all new project submissions to the IRB should be done using myIRB.

For more information including dates and times of training sessions for myIRB, please go to http://hrpohome.wustl.edu or call (314) 633-7400.