KIPP students visit WUSTL

Senior Wandalyn Savala, an African-American studies major in Arts & Sciences, leads a discussion of the play The Giver with sixth-grade students from KIPP Inspire Academy in south St. Louis Jan. 14 at the Danforth University Center. KIPP students were on campus to view a performance of The Giver at Edison Theatre that morning and stayed for lunch and an activity centered around the themes of the play. The Giver is based on a book by the same name by Lois Lowry and tells the story of a boy who is chosen by his community to become the community’s new holder of its memories. The Office of Government and Community Relations provided support so that students from University City Schools, St. Louis Public Schools and several charter schools in St. Louis could attend a performance of The Giver as well as read the book in their classrooms. For more information about The Giver, which runs at Edison Theatre through Sunday, Jan. 23, visit