WUSTL Dining Services introduces reusable to-go box

New box reduces waste; diners get discount on food

To-go box
To-go boxes are $3 and can be purchased at the Danforth University Center, Bear’s Den and Village Cafe.

WUSTL Dining Services has introduced a reusable to-go box, which can be used at any WUSTL Dining Services location on the Danforth Campus.

The box, which is available for $3, allows faculty, staff and students to take their meal to-go without using a cardboard to-go box.

Diners who use the box receive a 25-cent discount on each meal purchased with the box. For a person who has lunch on campus each day, that’s a savings of $1.25 per week, $5 per month and about $240 per year.

Boxes can be purchased at Danforth University Center eateries, the Bear’s Den in the South 40 House, and the Village Cafe.

The reusable boxes not only can save WUSTL community members money, but they also are a more sustainable option than the disposable cardboard containers.

According to dining services manager Nadeem Siddiqui, approximately 1,400 disposable cardboard to-go boxes are used each weekday on the Danforth Campus.

“Decreasing the number of cardboard to-go boxes used daily by students, faculty and staff would make a significant impact in reducing the amount of waste generated by the university community,” Siddiqui says.

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