WUSTL’s Diwali: A fusion of cultures

Kevin Lowder

The WashU Bhangra team performs at Edison Theatre this past weekend as part of the Diwali “Festival of Lights” celebration. Ashoka, the university’s South Asian student association, presents the annual event, one of the largest student-run productions on campus. Diwali is a major Hindu holiday, celebrated not only by Hindus, but by Jains and Sikhs all across India. During the holiday, people light small clay lamps, or diyas, representing the inner light all individuals possess to outshine the darkness they may experience. While Diwali itself is a Hindu holiday, at WUSTL it is celebrated as a fusion of South Asian cultures. A longstanding university tradition, the show typically sells out. Bhangra is one of the seven teams dancing at this year’s Diwali, along with some individual acts. The event also featured a fashion show and skit.