Happy 200th birthday, William Greenleaf Eliot!

Above, WUSTL co-founder and former Chancellor William Greenleaf Eliot (played by Jeffery Matthews, professor of the practice in the Performing Arts Department in Arts & Sciences) recites one of his sermons, “Steadfastness in Change,” Dec. 5 at his 200th birthday party. The party, celebrated by students in the William Greenleaf Eliot Residential College, was held in the Danforth House Library. (Eliot’s birthday cake is in the background.) Below, following Eliot’s sermon, Chancellor Emeritus William H. Danforth talks with students about what it means to be a university chancellor. Lutz Koepnick, PhD, a William Greenleaf Eliot Residential College faculty fellow and chair of the Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures in Arts & Sciences, led the two former chancellors — Danforth & ‘Eliot’ — in a thoughtful exchange about the responsibilities and pleasures of being a university chancellor and how the role has changed.