A Woman’s Club welcome

Woman’s Club fall luncheon introduces women new to the university to the club

Woman's Club
From left: Debra Dochuk, Andrea Stewart-Douglas, Victoria Mueller and Anne Markle chat during the Washington University Woman’s Club Fall Welcome Luncheon Sept. 14 at the Harbison House. Woman’s Club member Risa Zwerling Wrighton hosted the luncheon to introduce women new to the university to the Woman’s Club, which offers members opportunities to form friendships and grow intellectually through luncheons, lectures, tours and programs. The club, which celebrated its centennial in 2010, also funds scholarships for deserving University College students. The club is open to all. Members include women who are faculty or staff; spouses/partners or widows of faculty or staff; alumnae or spouses/partners of alumni; or friends of the university. For information about the club, visit womansclub.wustl.edu or email Membership Chair Pat Sarantites at sarantites@gmail.com. (Credit: Jerry Naunheim)