Into the ‘Vault’

Kemper Student Council organizes sneak peak at rarely seen artworks

The Scarlet Tanager band performs in Kemper Art Museum atrium as part of the museum’s third annual Vault Party. Photos by Anne Stanford.

Painters have studio visits. Musicians have backstage passes. And museums? Well, museums have vaults.

On April 12, the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum showcased dozens of rarely seen works from its acclaimed permanent collection as part of its third annual Vault Party. (See slideshow at right.)

Organized by the Kemper Student Council, the evening featured music, art-making activities and The Artist’s Process, an exhibition of works by Joseph Beuys, Julien Dupré, Elizabeth Peyton, Ed Ruscha and many others.

“Students use museum resources and work closely with Kemper staff to curate a one-night art show,” explains Anne Stanford, a junior who helped organize the event.

“We get to strategize about how to best allocate funds, choose where the art goes, and write up a brochure about it,” Stanford adds. “As students ourselves, we are able to represent the opinions and voices of the student body, and to help choose works and programming they might like to see.”

In addition to the exhibition, that programming included a performance by the band Scarlet Tanager, as well as materials for crafting opera masks and Chinese-style calligraphy.

“It’s a unique and incredible opportunity,” adds senior Rachel Schorr.

“The turnout and response were both extremely positive.”