High school students gets hands-on view of engineering

More than 30 local high school juniors and seniors were on campus June 6 for the third annual Explore Engineering day, sponsored by the School of Engineering & Applied Science. The community outreach event allows students to work with WUSTL engineering faculty and students and get hands-on experience in engineering projects to promote critical thinking. Above, from left, teammates Jeremy Wotjak, Tia-Lynn Rounsoville and Dasha Malkova attempt to pick up a ring and place it on a pole as part of the prosthetic hand project, which students assembled from Popsicle sticks, a cup and other everyday items. Below, from left, teammates Suraj Puvvada, Mark Blumenfeld, Trenton Mayes and Chris Cormier work on a JAVA program that allowed students to build virtual robots and battle each other. Jordyn Maglalang (standing), doctoral student in computer science & engineering, helps Mayes with a question. Students also were able to build and test a wind turbine. For more information, vist engineering.wustl.edu/newsstory.aspx?news=7435. (Credit: Joe Angeles (2))