New Danforth Campus parking, transportation plan to launch in May 2017

Effort will put a long-term, viable parking solution in place, allow university to better align resources

Beginning in May 2017, following Commencement, Washington University in St. Louis will implement a new parking and transportation management strategy.

The new plan, which will kick off in conjunction with construction on the east end of the Danforth Campus, will establish a new parking model which addresses key weaknesses in the current program. It also will enhance alternative transportation options. Both are essential not only for meeting campus needs during the anticipated two years of construction for the east end renovation, but for the long-term viability of the program.

“Over the last year, we have been evaluating our parking and transportation resources on the Danforth Campus and developing a strategy that will serve us well into the the future,” said Dedric Carter, vice chancellor for operations and technology transfer. “Our primary goal is to put in place a sustainable, long-term plan for this important area.”

The new strategy is expected to better align parking and transportation resources for Danforth Campus faculty, staff, students and visitors.

To accomplish this, Parking & Transportation Services recognized the new plan must be driven by data, best practices and, most importantly, the needs of the campus community.

“We’ve been working with an engineering and planning firm that specializes in parking solutions, gathering information on usage and demand of our current parking resources and securing feedback from the campus community as well as peer institutions who have faced similar adjustments,” said Tara Bone, assistant vice chancellor for operations.

“Gathering feedback is an important part of this process,” said Nick Stoff, director of Parking & Transportation Services. “We have already started meeting with faculty, staff and student groups across campus to discuss parking challenges and opportunities as well as to secure feedback as we continue to finalize our plans.”

A formal announcement with additional details about the new parking strategy is expected next month, following the presidential debate.

To learn more about the new parking and transportation management plan and the resources available today, visit the Parking & Transportation website and read the new parking plan FAQ.

To schedule a meeting with your group or department to learn more, contact the team at