Three musicians

Eliot Trio in concert Feb. 19

Three of St. Louis’ most prominent musicians will perform works by Haydn, Saint-Saëns and Arensky Feb. 19 when Washington University’s Eliot Trio presents its annual concert in Holmes Lounge.

Three dancers performing

Dancer K.J. Holmes to be in residence Feb. 1-3

K.J. Holmes, the 2016 Marcus Residency Dance Artist in the Performing Arts Department, will present “Constellation,” a structured improvisation featuring Washington University dance students, at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 3, in the Annelise Mertz Dance Studio. She will be in residence Feb. 1-3.

(left) Stone & DeGuire, Blackmail #61, mixed media, 32.75 x 25.5 x 1.25", 1998; (right) Stone & DeGuire, Blackmail #33, mixed media, 32.75 x 25.5 x 1.25", 1998.

‘Sincerely, Stone & DeGuire’ opens

The Sam Fox School will present “Sincerely, Stone & DeGuire” at the Des Lee Gallery Jan. 22-Feb. 20. The exhibition collects more than a dozen works by the husband-and-wife artist duo, who met as undergraduate art students.

Artwork from a drone.

Art through the lens of a drone

We are living at the dawn of the drone age. In January, the Kemper Art Museum will present “To See Without Being Seen: Contemporary Art and Drone Warfare.” The exhibition raises timely questions about power, technology, surveillance and fear.

An image tracking satellites, space debris and other objects in Earth orbit

Paglen begins Sam Fox School lecture series

Can technology be at once ubiquitous and invisible? Artist Trevor Paglen, who will speak on campus Feb. 1, deploys photography, sculpture, engineering and investigative journalism to document drones, satellites, fiber-optic cables and other “hidden” systems.

PAD dance program

New MFA in Dance

The Performing Arts Department, in collaboration with The Center of Creative Arts (COCA) — one of the nation’s foremost community arts schools — will launch a new Master of Fine Arts in Dance in fall of 2016.

Kemper-Paintings of Winston Churchill F15

VIDEO: The Paintings of Sir Winston Churchill

In 1915, at age 40, Winston Churchill was ousted as First Lord of the Admiralty during Britain’s disastrous Gallipoli campaign. It was a low point for the future prime minister, but recovery began in the most unlikely of places: in the garden, with a box of paints.

Student dancers will perform Taeko Ito's "Pavane" Dec. 4-6 in Edison Theatre as part of Washington University Dance Theatre. The piece is a tribute to Ito's uncle, the modern dance pioneer Michio Ito. (Credit: Joe Angeles/WUSTL Photo (3))

Washington University Dance Theatre Dec. 4-6

Michio Ito is the forgotten pioneer of American modern dance. Yet Ito’s influence will be on full display Dec. 4-6 when “Pavane,” a tribute choreographed by his niece, Taeko Ito, is featured in Washington University Dance Theatre.


WashU Expert: Who were the Pilgrims?

Thanksgiving embodies a national mythology of friendship and fellow feeling. Yet outside the holidays, we tend to think of Puritans and Pilgrims as stern, stoic and unsympathetic. So, who were the Pilgrims? Who were the Puritans?

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