Return of the ‘war on terror’

“After 9/11, we often heard the phrase ‘this changes everything,’ writes WashU’s Krister Knapp, who teaches courses in U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy. For Israelis, Hamas’s recent attack against Israeli citizens “signal a similar paradigmatic shift.”

G’Sell reviews Taylor Swift concert movie

Eileen G’Sell, a writer, critic and senior lecturer in Arts & Sciences, writes an article about the Taylor Swift “Eras Tour” movie and the group experience of watching it.

Possible Limits to Putin and Xi’s No-Limits Friendship

As Russia slips further into the role of a junior partner of China in material terms, its heroic, messianic narrative will play an increasingly important role as it calls for respect and power, writes James Wertsch for the Wilson Center. The danger for the Kremlin is that it will overplay this self-image of global leadership and appear defensive and arrogant in the eyes of Beijing—which in the end is a poor foundation for a no-limits relationship.

‘007 at 70’

Film scholar Colin Burnett, in Arts & Sciences, writes an essay to mark the 70th anniversary of the James Bond franchise and explores what has allowed the character of James Bond to enjoy such longevity.

‘Creating a Navajo-English scientific lexicon’

Sterling Martin, a postdoctoral research scholar, was part of a team that developed a Navajo-English dictionary of science terms. In this podcast episode, Martin explains how the COVID-19 pandemic prompted him to temporarily pivot from studying C. elegans worms to working on the dictionary, called Project Enable.
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