‘The man and the March’

Paige McGinley, in Arts & Sciences, writes on the “Human Ties” blog about Bayard Rustin’s behind-the-scenes role in organizing the 1963 March on Washington — and the significance of role-playing rehearsals to prepare protesters for what they would face during the Civil Rights Movement.

Research suggests COVID-19 affects brain age and IQ score

Lifting the fog on the true causes behind these cognitive impairments, including brain fog, will require years if not decades of concerted efforts by researchers across the globe, writes Ziyad Al-Aly.

‘Tough on immigrants’ is the new ‘tough on crime’ 

Democrats, Republicans and Americans of all stripes need a different ethos — one that recognizes immigrants’ humanity, dignity and legal rights, and that prioritizes America’s best ideals, writes the law school’s Sheldon Evans.

How to manage fertility through cancer treatment

On the latest episode of the “This is Cancer” podcast, delve into the fertility challenges that some patients face, and options they have, during and after treatment for cancer.
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