Two Dramas Plumb the Depths of Women’s Midlife Chaos

Writing faculty member Eileen G’Sell reviews the movies “Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Time” and “My Little Sister,” which she calls complicated films about complicated people.

A Burial Beneath Beauty

William E. Wallace, professor of art history in Arts & Sciences, discusses a statue of Moses that dominates the scene in Michelangelo’s Tomb of Pope Julius II.

‘Comedy and gender through the centuries’

Ahead of a Feb. 6 symposium on the subject, classics scholars Timothy Moore and Cathy Keane in Arts & Sciences write about a remarkable 1884 student production of Plautus’ “Rudens” (The Rope). The 2,000-year-old play foregrounds gender politics in ways that would be familiar to the women of ancient Rome, 1884 St. Louis and today’s […]

A book discussion with Kolk

In this video, Heidi Kolk, who teaches in both the Sam Fox School and in Arts & Sciences, discusses the significance of Dolores Hayden’s The Power of Place.” It’s part of the “Books for 2020 and Beyond” series.
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