‘Florida v. Black studies’

Shanti Parikh, chair of African and African American studies in Arts & Sciences, helped develop the curriculum for the Advanced Placement course on African American studies. Here, she reflects on the course, the controversy and what’s next for Black studies programs.

Student podcast explores history of Xinjiang

Gary Guo and Serena Wu, who are history majors in Arts & Sciences, are working together to produce a podcast, “The Uyghur History Project,” which explores the history and current plight of the Uyghur population in China’s Xinjiang region. Both students are part of the Living History Scholars program.

Qualities, skills that will define the next generation of leaders

Rebecca Dohrman, a senior lecturer in management communication at Olin Business School, writes an article about the skills that future leaders will need. Key among them are adaptability and a willingness to learn as technology, culture and priorities change.

‘Kasa’: Celebrating women’s journeys in Korea

Ji-Eun Lee, an associate professor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures in Arts & Sciences, writes on the “Human Ties” blog about a book project about domesticity and travels by colonial Korean woman writers.

How to effectively lead through uncertain financial times

Markus Baer, a professor of organizational behavior at Olin Business School, writes an article about how business leaders can guide their companies through times of uncertainty, saying that adaptability is key for businesses large and small.
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