Barani Raman

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

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Raman’s research interests include computational and systems neuroscience, pattern recognition, sensor-based machine olfaction and bio-inspired intelligent systems.

His research combines theoretical and electrophysiological approaches to study how brain processes complex sensory signals (especially the olfactory cues), and to identify fundamental principles of neural computation. In parallel, he is also involved with the development of novel neuromorphic devices (such as an ‘electronic nose’) and algorithms that have potential applications in biomedical, homeland security, robotics and human computer interaction domains.


Good smells, bad smells: It’s all in the insect brain

Good smells, bad smells: It’s all in the insect brain

Barani Raman and his lab at the McKelvey School of Engineering studied the behavior of the locusts and how the neurons in their brains responded to appealing and unappealing odors to learn more about how the brain encodes for preferences and how it learns.