Derek Hoeferlin

Assistant Professor of Architecture

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Hoeferlin was part of the Dutch Dialogues in New Orleans, which led to the ongoing development of a comprehensive urban water management strategy for the Crescent City by a multidisciplinary Dutch-American team.


WashU Expert: DACA and Houston

Rescinding DACA will deprive Houston of a substantial workforce at the very moment the city needs that workforce most, argues water management expert Derek Hoeferlin, associate professor of architecture in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis.
River delta

A radical plan to save the delta

An international cohort of designers, engineers, hydrologists, planners and other professionals — along with a handful of Washington University faculty, students and young alumni — have won a global competition charged with developing a 100-year plan for stabilizing the Mississippi River delta. A delta, says the Sam Fox School’s John Hoal, that’s on life support.