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Fuzhong Zhang

Professor of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

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Zhang’s research interests focus on developing synthetic biology approaches to produce advanced biofuels, chemicals, and materials from sustainable resources.

His current research projects include: developing dynamic regulatory systems for biosynthetic pathways; engineering microbes to produce structure-defined biofuels and chemicals; developing microbial factories for advanced materials; and engineering cyanobacteria for synthetic biology applications.

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Synthetic biology enables protein origami

Synthetic biology enables protein origami

Fuzhong Zhang, associate professor of energy, environmental & chemical engineering in the McKelvey School of Engineering, and members of his lab have developed a bottom-up approach to build 2D nanostructures, essentially starting from scratch.
New pathways, better biofuels

New pathways, better biofuels

New research from an engineer at Washington University in St. Louis stitches together the best bits of several different bacteria–including a virulent pathogen–to synthesize a new biofuel product.