Headshot of Patrick Crowley, Professor Computer Science & Engineering in the McKelvey School of Engineering

Patrick Crowley

Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

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Crowley’s interests span several areas at the intersection of computer architecture and networking systems. His current research projects focus on the design and implementation of scalable networking systems and security. The Applied Research Laboratory also operates multiple public networking research testbeds, including the ​Open Network Lab and the Global NDN Testbed.


WashU Expert: Preventing WannaCry, other ransomware attacks

WashU Expert: Preventing WannaCry, other ransomware attacks

The newest computer ransomware to hit on a global scale first appeared late last week. Dubbed “WannaCry,” the malware attacks computers, then demands a ransom in Bitcoin to regain the ability to access files. A cybersecurity expert at Washington University in St. Louis says programmers were aware of the potential trouble months ago, but playing catch-up to remedy the problem is difficult.

Washington University helps found consortium to advance Internet of the future​​​

Washington University in St. Louis has helped to establish a new consortium of U.S. universities and leading technology companies designed to promote development and adoption of Named Data Networking, a new Internet protocol architecture to increase network security, accommodate growing bandwidth requirements and simplify the creation of increasingly sophisticated applications. Engineering’s Patrick Crowley, PhD, is principal investigator.