Tim Bono

Assistant Dean and Lecturer in Psychology

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Bono’s teaching and research focus on positive psychology and college student development.

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Six reasons social media is making you unhappy (and what to do instead)

Social media has transformed the ways we connect with others. We’re able to get updates and learn information about others faster and easier than ever before. But just like any new development, it can backfire if it’s not used correctly. Let’s take a look at how it often ends up doing more harm than good—and what we can do instead to avoid its potentially damaging effects.

Fail Better: Tim Bono

As a PhD student, Tim Bono submitted article after article to leading psychology journals and was rejected every single time. “No one thought I was making a substantive contribution,” he said. But that failure led Bono, now an assistant dean, to discover positive psychology, a field he loves to research and teach.

WashU Expert: Top 10 tips for a happier New Year​

Wishing family and friends a “Happy New Year” is all well and fine, but if you’re serious about spreading cheer in the New Year, consider passing along more specific advice from a psychologist who studies the science of happiness at Washington University in St. Louis.


Book Cover

When Likes Aren’t Enough

A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness

Filled with exciting research, practical exercises, honest advice, and quotes and stories from young adults themselves, When Likes Aren’t Enough is a master class for a generation looking for science-based, real world ways to feel just a little bit happier every day.