Todd Gormley

Associate professor of finance

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Todd Gormley originally joined Olin in 2006 before moving to The Wharton School in 2009. Todd returned to Olin in 2016. His research focuses on why managers sometimes fail to act in the best interest of shareholders and what governance arrangements mitigate these conflicts. His most recent research has analyzed the impact of passive institutional investors on both firms’ governance structures and the strategic choices of outside activists.

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Wanted: Board of directors’ member with bankruptcy experience

Wanted: Board of directors’ member with bankruptcy experience

Olin Business School researchers were part of a team that learned firms take more risks after a member of their board of directors undergoes a bankruptcy at another firm where they serve as a director. The co-authors discovered such risk-taking usually occurs when this particular director both experienced a quick, less-costly bankruptcy elsewhere and serves in a position of greater influence.