Engineer aims to change group dynamics

An engineering faculty member at Washington University in St. Louis has received a three-year, $589,486 grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to understand the fundamental limits on the ability to control the dynamics of a group or a population system.

A simple sniff

A team of engineers from Washington University in St. Louis has combined nanoparticles, aerosol science and locusts in new proof-of-concept research that could someday vastly improve drug delivery to the brain, making it as simple as a sniff.

School of Engineering honors distinguished alumni

Seven alumni of Washington University in St. Louis’ School of Engineering & Applied Science were honored at the school’s Alumni Achievement Awards event March 30 at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Studying the brain’s suspension system in TBIs

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can be devastating and debilitating. Researchers know that the membranes separating the skull from the brain play a key role in absorbing shock and preventing damage caused during a head impact, but the details remain largely mysterious. New research from a team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis takes a closer at this “suspension system” and the insight it could provide to prevent TBI.

A probiotic stress fix

An engineer at Washington University in St. Louis is working to create a probiotic that would help protect the host from the negative health effects of adrenaline surges. The new probiotic could easily be mixed into yogurt or taken in pill form.
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