Welcome home, and thanks!

Nicholas Pruitt, a technical assistant at Olin Library, shows his scrapbook to Jill Edwards, office supervisor in the University’s administrative offices, at a welcome-back lunch for Pruitt, who returned after spending several months with the military in Iraq. The event, Feb. 22 in Brookings Hall, Rm. 300, gave Pruitt a chance to meet 27 members of the University community, most of whom were involved in sending care packages to troops overseas. Pruitt was one of the first recipients of the University’s generosity. “It was nice to be able to put faces with all the e-mails we received over there,” Pruitt said. “I met Jill awhile back and had lunch with her, but here I was able to meet more people. It was surprising that all these people cared about what we were doing over there. I was a truck driver, so I was going all over the place all the time. But when we got one of the care packages, it was like a little piece of home.”