‘Jurisgenesis 2007: New Voices on the Law’

The School of Law will host a two-day national conference titled “Jurisgenesis 2007: New Voices on the Law” for a select group of new legal scholars and their faculty mentors June 18-19.

Participants from 11 law schools are scheduled to present their works-in-progress to associate deans and other senior faculty. The conference is specifically designed to offer individuals who recently entered the legal academy an opportunity to learn from both their peers and experienced consumers of legal scholarship.

“Informal discussion of the papers presented will provide budding scholars feedback and suggestions from an engaged and sophisticated audience,” says Peter J. Wiedenbeck, associate dean of faculty and the Joseph H. Zumbalen Professor of Law.

“Presentations of works-in-progress at other institutions have become an increasingly common way of refining legal scholarship and establishing a scholarly reputation,” he added. “Our aim for the Jurisgenesis conference is to provide young faculty at participating schools an accessible and low-pressure entrée to that arena.”

Presentations will cover topics such as criminal procedure, separation of powers, and the costs and benefits of consumer financial education.

Conference participants will come from the law schools of Loyola-Los Angeles; Saint Louis University; Washington and Lee University; and the universities of Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Louisville, Michigan, North Carolina, Notre Dame and Wisconsin.