University-wide blood drive to be held Sept. 11

Volunteers are being sought to give blood during the University’s first campus-wide blood drive Tuesday, Sept. 11.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the University community to come together for a common cause that affects all of us,” said Stephanie Kurtzman, director of the Community Service Office and associate director of the Richard A. Gephardt Institute for Public Service.

“One in three people will need a blood transfusion in their lifetime, and there’s no substitute for human blood. I hope students, faculty and staff will participate as donors or volunteers in this inaugural event, which promises to quickly become a campus tradition.”

In the past, student-run blood drives, supported by the Community Service Office, were held six times a year. In an effort to more easily publicize the drive and make it more of a campus-wide event, the idea of a large-scale drive was born.

There will be 12 blood donations sites, with at least one at each of the Danforth, Medical, North and West campuses. A variety of times will be offered as well.

Kurtzman hopes that faculty and staff, in addition to students, come out to donate. “One hour of your time as a blood donor can save up to three lives,” she said.

Would-be donors are encouraged to sign up through the Internet. “We want people to sign up online so that the events will be properly staffed by the blood donation agencies,” Kurtzman said.

“The more people we have showing up last minute, the longer the lines will be. Also, when you sign up online, you can change your appointment at any time.”

Those who cannot donate blood or don’t want to can volunteer at one of the donation sites.

“We’re very excited,” Kurtzman said. “We hope that everyone in the University community will get involved and make this one of the most successful blood drives in the St. Louis area.”

The drive is sponsored by the Community Service Office, in collaboration with the American Red Cross and Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.

For more information, a complete schedule and to register online, visit