Construction update

Construction Update is published periodically and provides information about the progress of major building and renovation projects. Information is provided to the Record by Facilities Management.

Harry and Susan Seigle Hall

The stone masonry on the south face of the building is seven-eighths complete. The stone masonry has begun on the northern half of the east elevation and is to the window head of Level 2. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems rough-ins continue on all floors. Drywall is about 75 percent complete with taping under way on the lower levels. Installation continues on both elevators. The terrazzo installation has begun on the lower levels. Tarlton Corp. is preparing to start the building heating system. Construction should be completed by June 2008.

Danforth University Center

The mason is setting granite at the east elevation at the northeast courtyard. The granite at the west and north walls is almost complete. The window installation is 80 percent complete. The angled roof decking is complete. Nail base is 99 percent complete. The slate is under way on the north elevation. Framing on the first floor continues with focus on kitchen/food areas and is 60 percent complete. The stair installation is ongoing (two stairs remaining). Second floor framing is 99 percent complete; installation of the drywall will begin Dec. 7. Third-floor spray fireproofing is 70 percent complete. The third-floor framing is under way. Installation of mechanical, electric, plumbing and fire protection systems distribution continues on all three levels. Air-handling units were turned on for temporary heat Dec. 3. The project is on schedule to be completed by July 2008.

Village East

Construction of the Village East Residence Hall at the corner of Forest Park Parkway and Throop Drive is progressing. Floor slabs at all levels are complete. Mechanical/electrical rough-ins on Levels 1 and 2 are proceeding. Trusses were delivered Nov. 29 and windows were delivered Dec. 3. Tyvek insulation closure of the building proceeds. This project is scheduled for completion in August 2008.

School of Medicine

For updates at the medical school, go to and click on “What’s New.” That will take you to updates on various projects as well as a live Web cam of the progress of the BJC Institute of Health at Washington University.