Polling place to open in Wohl Center

The University’s Office of Community and Governmental Relations and the Gephardt Institute for Public Service have worked with the St. Louis County Election Board to establish a new polling place on the Danforth Campus.

During the Feb. 5 presidential primary election, registered voters who reside on the South 40 will be able to vote for the first time at Friedman Lounge in Wohl Center.

Rose Windmiller, director of state relations and local government affairs, coordinated the logistics of the new polling place. “The neighborhood polls were extremely crowded during the last big election,” she said. “This new poll will help alleviate that and provide a convenient place for our undergraduates to vote.”

Windmiller noted that the campus spans multiple voting districts, and those living on the north side or elsewhere in St. Louis County or City will not be able to vote at the South 40 poll. They should consult the city or county to determine their polling location.

Helping to support increased voter education and participation is the Gephardt Institute’s WU Votes committee. WU Votes is composed of students and departmental representatives from across the campus. For more information, contact Robin Hattori, program director at the Gephardt Institute, at rhattori@wustl.edu.