Residential Life improves housing selection process

The Residential Life Office is making several changes to the housing selection process for the 2008-09 academic year — changes aimed at streamlining the process and encouraging underclassmen to remain in a residential college on the South 40 and upperclassmen to transition into apartment living.

More than 200 additional spaces will be available to upperclassmen on the north side of the Danforth Campus, including 152 spaces in the new Village East Apartments and 54 spaces in the Quadrangle Housing-run Horseshoe Apartments off Waterman Avenue.

“We realized that with the large number of students in our current sophomore class, now would be the best time to make this change,” said Cheryl Stephens, associate director of residential life. “We thought very hard about who we want to live where on campus. In the end, we wanted to ensure that more of our younger students remained on the South 40. And we think our older students are more experienced, and therefore this policy change gives them more options when transitioning into apartment living.'”

The major change to the new housing selection policy will ensure that juniors and seniors will have the greater chance of getting into apartments and The Village on the north side of campus, while current freshmen will have priority for the South 40.

Off-campus apartment homesteading rules also have changed. Only one person currently living in the apartment must return to keep the apartment. The student can bring friends in to fill it.

“We are going to make sure that all students who currently live with us and who want to continue to reside with us will be able to do so, whether that be in the South 40, the north side or in off-campus apartments,” Stephens said. “Students do also have the option of living in non-WUSTL housing off campus.”

Applications are due March 3 for the first round of the housing selection process.

For more information on the new process, go online to