Olin Cup finalists announced​​

Robbie Garrison (left), of MMBiosensing LLC, talks with Ken Harrington, managing director of the Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, following the selection of Garrison’s firm as one of seven finalists for the 2012 Olin Cup during a Nov. 8 ceremony in Simon Hall. Garrison graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in global leadership & management. MMBiosensing LLC is a startup that has invented and patented a proprietary method of detecting the biomarkers of a heart attack. The finalists are competing for a $50,000 first-place and a $20,000 second-place award to be announced Jan. 30, 2013. The other finalists are: Aerosol Control Technologies; Juristat; kit; Sparo Labs; Nanopore Diagnostics; and Emergent Sensor Technologies. For a complete description of all teams in this year’s competition, visit ideabounce.com/olincup12. (Credit: Sid Hastings)