Medical Campus students showcase musical talents

The Histones, an ensemble of singing Washington University School of Medicine and graduate students, perform at the 2013 fall coffeehouse at the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center. Theirs was one of several acts at the Nov. 21 event. Coffeehouses, held at the center three times a year and hosted by the School of Medicine Arts Commission, allow students to demonstrate their musical, theatrical and other such talents. (Credit: Photos by Robert J. Boston)
Charise Garber plays piano at the coffeehouse while her sister, Kristen Garber, plays guitar. Kristen was visiting from Pennsylvania.

Ronald Fowle Grider plays violin at the event.

Giuseppe D’Amelio (left) plays guitar and sings as Michael Madigan and Melissa Meyer accompany him.

Lyndsey Cole (in blue) and her sister, Jordan Cole, sing and tap dance at the coffeehouse.

Mikhail Roubakha plays piano while Jared James prepares to sing.

Jonathan Lin, Ronald Fowle Grider and Charise Garber after their coffeehouse performances.