The neediest case … or the prettiest face?

On Giving Tuesday, holiday donation campaigns launch into high gear. But how do people decide where to donate their money? They know that they should give to the neediest cases, but new research from Washington University in St. Louis’s Olin Business School shows often, the donation decision comes down to something called a “charity beauty premium.”

The wizardry of Harry Potter’s bank

Witches and wizards in the world created by J.K. Rowling have only one choice when it comes to banking. Gringotts Wizarding Bank is a monopoly for those living in the Potterverse. Zachary Feinstein, assistant professor of electrical and systems engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University in St. Louis, explored the outcome of dividing up Gringotts Wizarding Bank using the latest financial mathematics research.

WashU Expert: It’s all in the brand

Effective campaign branding may have made the winning difference for Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election. Raphael Thomadsen, associate professor of marketing at Olin Business School takes a closer look at how the messaging may have affected the election outcome. The importance of branding: “Branding is a central concept in business. Companies build products […]

WashU Expert: ‘Long-lasting implications’ for U.S., global economies

Donald Trump’s election as president initially sent global markets reeling. What might we expect from the markets moving forward? John Horn, senior lecturer in economics at Olin Business School breaks it down. Economic Implications: “The election of Donald Trump will have long-lasting implications for the United States and global economy. The election will be significant economically […]