Hillary Anger Elfenbein

John K. Wallace, Jr. and Ellen A. Wallace Distinguished Professor and Professor of Organizational Behavior

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Hillary Anger Elfenbein specializes in negotiation, personality and emotions in the workplace, emotional intelligence and cultural differences within emotions, and leadership development across the organizational behavior spectrum.

Prior to Olin Business School, Elfenbein was an Assistant Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, and a Senior Researcher at the Harvard Business School. Before beginning work on her PhD in Organizational Behavior, Hillary worked at Monitor Company management consulting for two years, and spent half a year doing nonprofit work in India.

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Banner days for women in Olin’s MBA

Banner days for women in Olin’s MBA

Schoolwide efforts are among the threads weaved into the fabric of an Olin Business School MBA program ranked No. 4 in the world for women, according to a Financial Times analysis — placing it behind only Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley among U.S. universities, and China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong, but just ahead of Harvard.
The universal language of emotion

The universal language of emotion

An international research team, led by Washington University in St. Louis, studied vocal expressions uttered by people in the United States, Australia, India, Kenya and Singapore, and found that people were better at judging emotions from fellow countrymen.