Jonathan Barnes

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Jonathan Barnes

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Jonathan Barnes is a synthetic organic chemist. His research is focused on stimuli-responsive materials, combination therapeutics, templated biomaterials and porous crystalline materials that serve as a platform for catalysis, chemical separation and energy storage applications.

Barnes constructs novel ‘smart’ materials with well-defined functions that will ultimately lead down research pathways in the areas of nanomaterials, biomedical engineering, and inorganic and environmental chemistries.

Working with 3-D materials on a centimeter scale, Barnes and researchers in his laboratory use electrons and other ways of changing the size and shape of hydrogels, a gelatin-like polymer consisting mostly of water. They are working to elicit such reactions from stronger, larger and more dense materials — such as a rubberish polymer (elastomer) that someday could help to produce fast-acting prosthetics and more.

Barnes is a Packard fellow.


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Barnes named Packard Fellow

Barnes named Packard Fellow

Jonathan Barnes, assistant professor of chemistry in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, was among 18 leading young researchers across the United States honored Oct. 16 as a 2017 Packard Fellow.