Lora Iannotti

Associate professor at the Brown School

Lora Iannotti

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Iannotti’s research focuses on young child nutrition in resource-poor settings to promote healthy growth and development. She has expertise in nutrient deficiencies (such as iron, zinc, vitamin A and choline) related to infectious disease, poverty and environmental degradation. Her research sites include Haiti, Ecuador and Kenya, where teams work to identify integrated nutrition interventions. She consults with the World Health Organization on complementary feeding policies and practices.

At the Brown School, Iannotti chairs the Global Health specialization of the Master of Public Health program. She teaches courses related to nutrition, global health, and program planning, implementation and evaluation. Iannotti is a scholar at Institute for Public Health and works on campus-wide initiatives to promote the international engagement of Washington University.

In Haiti, with a team of colleagues from a local university, she is leading an effort to build an undergraduate degree program in public health.

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Social work, public health students get firsthand global health experience in Haiti this summer

This summer, 14 students — seven from the Master of Public Health program, five from the Master of Social Work program and two dual-degree students — joined Lora Iannotti, PhD, on a trip to Haiti. The goal: Give students firsthand experience in issues related to global health, including: health policy, epidemiology, biostatistics and program planning.

Three years after catastrophic earthquake, Haiti remains stricken with poverty, disease

Lora Iannotti, PhD, assistant professor at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, was working in Haiti when an earthquake devastated that country three years ago this month. She has been back to Haiti 10 times since Jan. 12, 2010, and says the country is “literally aching for public health expertise, yet not one public health degree program exists anywhere.”

One year after Haiti earthquake, Brown School public health expert Iannotti continues work on the ground

On Jan. 12, 2010, Lora Iannotti, PhD, nutrition and public health expert at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, was in Leogane, a seaside town 18 miles west of Port au Prince, Haiti, working with local officials on improving the health of Haitian children. That’s when a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake struck the poverty-stricken country. Its epicenter, Leogane. Iannotti survived, but some 230,000 perished. Haiti was devastated; an estimated 3 million were affected by the earthquake in a country already known as the poorest in the Western hemisphere. Since last January, Iannotti, assistant professor at the Brown School, has returned to Haiti a number of times to continue her work on undernutrition and disease prevention in young children. She is back in Haiti again, one year later.