Idea of 100 percent renewable energy isn’t feasible

Since the industrial revolution, coal, oil and natural gas have driven unprecedented growth in life span, population, income, education and quality of life. They have done so by providing us with energy 24/7/365, and the International Energy Agency projects that fossil fuels will account for a whopping 77 percent of our energy use in 2040.

Remembering Robert Guillaume

Robert had a lot of forward thrust about this talent and his goals. He had that rare gift we call “presence,” which gave him gave him an advantage in the world of on-stage performance. Those of us who were aware of his professional progress were not entirely surprised that he moved along with few setbacks to stardom.

When Bergdorf served chitlins and champagne

The situating and selling of soul food in retail spaces shows the ways in which blackness so often becomes compartmentalized and detached from the experiences of black people. Collard greens will never just be collard greens and chitlins will never just be chitlins, even when they’re served with champagne at the country’s finest department store.

Demise of insurance program is devastating to millions of children

A month has passed since Congress allowed the funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program to expire. While states are using available funds to keep the program in place until Congress acts, eventually if they do not act this could lead to the demise of one of the most successful government programs ever implemented.

The Vegas Golden Knights and first-mover advantages: Beating the NFL’s Raiders to market

There is no question the early darlings of the young NHL season are the Vegas Golden Knights. Of course, in just a few years, the Golden Knights won’t be the only game in town. The Oakland Raiders will be relocating to Las Vegas by either 2019 or 2020. The question this begs, of course, is what will happen to the commercial success of the Golden Knights once the Raiders come to town?
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