Is there an opioid overdose on board?

Next time when they ask “is there a doctor on board?,” and a patient exhibits symptoms of an overdose, I can only hope that not only will the plane be prepared, but so will the doctor and the other passengers.
John Inazu

Why I’m still confident about ‘Confident Pluralism’

The deep divisions in our society are not going away. But in the midst of our differences, Christians can model tolerance, patience, and humility with our neighbors. We can bear witness to the faith, hope, and love of the gospel. We can be confident in our own beliefs as we engage charitably in a world of difference.
Jake Rosenfeld

The meaning of labor’s win in Missouri

The victory reveals growing recognition on the part of union and non-union workers of what a weakened labor movement leads to: lower wage growth, higher poverty, and, in general, a two-tiered economy decisively tilted toward the interests of the richest among us.

Mona Hatoum’s psychological surgery

While the artist’s career has consistently invited interpretation based in institutional critique and real-world tumult, it is equally constructive to consider her work from a psychological, rather than political, vantage.
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