There’s no good alternative to investing in R&D

Even companies that claim to have a long-term orientation worry about whether R&D is worth the investment. My research shows why companies, investors, and the nation will be better off if companies make long-term investments in R&D.

Six reasons social media is making you unhappy (and what to do instead)

Social media has transformed the ways we connect with others. We’re able to get updates and learn information about others faster and easier than ever before. But just like any new development, it can backfire if it’s not used correctly. Let’s take a look at how it often ends up doing more harm than good—and what we can do instead to avoid its potentially damaging effects.

Cybersecurity engineering: A new academic discipline

With 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs expected to open by 2021, employers will continue to seek out prospective job candidates from technical schools and undergraduate programs to fill them. This may satisfy the immediate need well enough, but it does not address the demand for cybersecurity professionals with advanced degrees, which is becoming even more acute.
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