Parking and Transportation announces winning shuttle design

Parking offers updates on permits, U-Pass, Guaranteed Ride Home

The Parking and Transportation Services team at Washington University in St. Louis has unveiled the winning designs for campus shuttles.

The team invited the university community during the May town hall sessions to vote online for one of five shuttle-wrap designs. The winning design features a red background with the word “WashU” on the sides and back, which will be on most shuttles. The second-place design features “WashU” and “Go Bears” pendants on a red background and will be used on smaller campus vans.

Both designs will debut in the new academic year.

Parking permit registration

Parking and Transportation also reminded all eligible individuals who plan to park at the Danforth, North or West campuses during fiscal year 2020 that parking permits are available for purchase by employees via a link from the Parking and Transportation website. Students will be able to purchase parking permits starting June 19, pending system updates.

Eligible individuals include full- or part-time Danforth faculty and staff, graduate students and eligible undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors and seniors). For more information about parking permits, visit the Parking Permits, Bearly Drivers Carpool and Occasional Parking Program sections of the website.

“There will not be a lottery this year,” said Dedric Carter, vice chancellor for operations and technology transfer. “All parking permits will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We also want to encourage the WashU community to consider the many alternative transportation options that are available, like taking advantage of our Metro U-Pass program and ensuring you are enrolled in Guaranteed Ride Home.”

Metro transit U-Pass renewal

Danforth Campus employees can now apply for or renew their Metro U-Pass. To do so, visit the Metro U-Pass section of the Parking and Transportation website. The fiscal year 2020 Metro Transit U-Pass is valid through June 30, 2020.

This year, Danforth Campus employees can opt to pick up their cards at the Parking and Transportation satellite office in the Women’s Building. All individuals will be notified via email when their U-Pass request has been processed and it is available for pickup. During the summer, the satellite office will be open from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on Tuesdays. Starting in the fall semester, the office will be open from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays for the academic year.

The Metro U-Pass program provides free Metro passes to full-time students, benefits-eligible faculty and staff and full-time employees of qualified service providers who perform daily tasks at the university.

Guaranteed Ride Home

The Parking and Transportation team also wants to remind the WashU community that the Guaranteed Ride Home program is available to Danforth Campus commuters. This program allows employees to commute to work while providing a “safety net” so they can immediately get a ride home if a need arises such as an emergency, sickness or unscheduled overtime.

Guaranteed Ride Home is sponsored by Citizens For Modern Transit and annually provides four taxi rides per commuter. For more information, visit the Guaranteed Ride Home section of the Parking and Transportation website or, to enroll, visit Citizens for Modern Transit.

Guaranteed Ride Home is also available to Danforth Campus carpoolers through RideFinders. To use the service, which provides four taxi rides annually to each individual in the carpool, the carpool must be registered in advance at RideFinders.

Medical Campus commuters and carpoolers interested in Guaranteed Ride Home should contact the FISC desk at or 314-362-3100 for information.

Parking and Transportation alerts

  • New North Campus shuttle: The Parking and Transportation team is offering a new shuttle that will connect the main campus with North Campus and neighborhoods north of campus. The North Campus shuttle will begin running Monday, June 10.  Hours are 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Routes and hours of operation are subject to change.


  • West Campus shuttle: On May 20, the West Campus shuttle was rerouted due to construction. Leaving West Campus, the bus now travels east on Forsyth to the Steinberg circle drive, exits heading west, to a new temporary stop, located on Forsyth, just before reaching Goldfarb Hall. After drop-offs and pickups, the bus proceeds to the temporary bus plaza in front of Simon Hall. The bus exits via Olympian Way to Forsyth and returns to West Campus. This route will continue until Aug. 15.
  • Campus Circulator: The Campus Circulator is no longer stopping at Hoyt/Wrighton Way. During the summer, it will use the temporary stop on Forsyth, just before Goldfarb Hall.

For more information, visit